Metrical Metaphors (1 of N)

You can live without metrics in the same way that you can live without bottled water, in a land where Montezuma still seeks his revenge.

It will be cheaper than buying bottled water, at first. It’ll also be very distracting. It’ll also be painful, and you’d be working in a squalid, smelly mess each and every day. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that you’ll not get much effective work done each day as you run back and forth, eternally trying to avoid a Chernobyl event in an essentially chaotic system. Your schedule will become longer and unpredictable. Your recurring costs for cleaning and maintenance will skyrocket; your friends will make fun of you.

Sure, you’ll live. And sure, you saved short-term money by not buying bottled water, that ‘unnecessary frill.’ You’re already used to unpredictable schedules and your friends already make fun of you, so who cares?

But do you want to increase time, money and risks by guessing blindly at what needs doing next, all the while working under the distraction of smelly pants and suspiciously stained chairs?

Give your team a break. Metrics can be used to focus your efforts, quickly find problems, help clean up the production processes and add predictability.

You’ll get more done in less time.

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