A writer’s retreat weekend in Amsterdam

A very good writer’s retreat weekend in Amsterdam! The train ride is 5 hours, but it is such a smooth user experience that I got a lot done on the way here, and I’m more willing to travel via train than air. Then a nice evening of lingering over garlic mushrooms and Irish coffee: making notes on some interesting software development problems at the office, and some preliminary notes for a new talk on rapid iteration.IMG_1384  IMG_1391

You have no idea how hard it is to find a coffee shop in Amsterdam that actually sells, you know, actual coffee. With caffeine. But by a spectacular coincidence, they’re playing two of my favorite writing albums: I’m jamming with Miles Davis on Kinda Blue and bopping with Bob Marley’s best! So I guess I have to stay for a bit, right?

Three out of three hits on the random, walking-around food scene in Amsterdam! Wrapping up the weekend with a droolingly-good ribeye-steak from Argentina: a fantastic flavor experience after a few months in Germany, where the beef just brings the wrong type of tears to the eye. I am writing up more notes on scalability and rapid iteration in game production. This, I am beginning to feel, will be a most interesting talk: the 25 minute limitation is making me really think about the core messages and the delivery framework, which is producing some interesting, clarifying moments.

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