A Headbutt For A Butthead 

I loved wrestling. Man on man: a test of who is better. Mostly, the rules work to keep people safe, but a rookie referee can leave the door open for incidents.

Just a local tourney, so not much on the line. But this one yoyo thought he could intimidate me. He started the match with an immediate attack. He came in pretending to do a leg shot, but led with his head and smacked heavily into mine. “No worries,” thinks I; shit happens. Then blam! Same thing. Nobody at this level should be this incompetent, so it was looking pretty intentional. Third time: ditto. I stepped back and gave the ref the “what the hell” look and he just shrugged helplessly; there was nothing he could think to call, even though he was clearly thinking it was intentional too. I follow the “let the idiot do his thing, but with consequences” rule. He came in again and this time I grabbed his shoulders to stop his headbutt. I held him in position and gave him three crashing headbutts, whipping the sides of my head back and forth: the bony bumpy spots on the upper right & left sides.

He dropped like a rock. I was a little dizzy but I only needed to fall on top of him for the victory. 😉 The ref didn’t say one word! And we never saw that little headbutting thug again.

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