That’s Just Eerie

I love no-look throws. There’s a certain zen-like satisfaction in pulling them off. I started doing them just as a throwing drill: you often can’t see the receiver you want because of so many bodies in the way, especially the one marking your throw. Once you learn the characteristics of your receivers, this becomes a very powerful weapon. Example: if I got a brief glimpse of Jordan making a cut to the wide side, I knew roughly where he was heading and his speed. From that, it just becomes a matter of confidence in your inner-math deciding when to throw & what throw will work.

But when throwing for fun, it is even better. 🙂 Example: somebody overthrows you in practice several times a session. If you take a quick look at where people are, before turning around to go get the disc, you can pick it up and throw it behind you, without ever actually looking. I got pretty good at this. In Munich, I was just throwing around a disc with some high school guys, so they missed a lot of shots. They couldn’t believe how accurately I could throw without looking! In San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park pickup, I’d get there early for some disc practice. One day, I was feeling the no-look power and turned every catch into a behind the back throw. 13 of 15 hit, right in the breadbasket! I overheard someone on the sidelines mutter to his friend “that’s just eerie.” 🙂

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